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Health Insurance Premiums for 2015

2015 Health Premium

Every year, all the insurance companies change their rates. Occasionally we see rates decrease. Most companies will increase their rates about the same amount. Sometimes we are surprised with decreases, this year we had three insurance companies lower their rates.
In 2015 premiums in Florida will be changing:

  • Aetna – 5%
  • Molina – 12%
  • Sunshine Health – 10%
  • Florida Blue + 18%
  • Cigna +17%
  • Coventry +14%
  • Humana +14%
  • Preferred Medical +14%

This is the average increase or decrease, changes to your plan could be more or less depending on your age and where you live.
These premium changes will also affect the subsidy amounts. Call us to review your options every year.