Florida Small Group Health Insurance Plans

Many people think that group health insurance in Florida costs less than a FL individual health insurance. Truth is that most of the time it isn’t. I say most is that for same age groups in some areas I have seen group rates lower than individual an family rates. It doesn’t happen very often…but it happens more than I would have expected. Needless to say if you meet the eligibility requirements for a small group health plan you should at least check the rates. Personally, I like group health plans better than individual health plans. There are a lot of reasons why but the biggest is that group plans tend to cover more (i.e. maternity is a great example) and the price is the same or lower then it is a good deal. Remember rates are regulated. If your employer is offering you a plan, and they are willing to pay for a portion or all of your premium, then absolutely take the group health plan. Make sure you are comparing similar levels of coverage (i.e deductible. copays, coinsurance, etc.). If your employer is not subsidizing the premium for your family members you should consider an individual Fl health insurance plan for them…you stay on your group plan!

There are many affordable small group health insurance plans, from several different companies. Small group medical insurance rates are regulated and premiums will be the same if you use an agent or go direct. As independent agents we work with all the top rated group health insurance companies in Florida. The plans we recommend most often are from:

The best plan really depends on the the group and the location, but Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue Options plans, and Humana’s HMO and POS plans often have the most competitive rates. Aetna also has very good rates but they come in a little bit higher in some areas of Florida.

Small group health insurance in Florida is guaranteed issue if you meet the eligibility requirements. Call us and we will help you find an affordable group health insurance plan to fit your needs.

Groups of one can only be obtained in August. Groups of 2 or more can get plans anytime. Eligibility requirements vary from one insurance company to another. These should give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Company must have been open and/or in business for at least 2 weeks – 24 months (depends on the carrier).
  • You need to have at least 2 full-time employees (if not you’ll have to get a group of one plan).
  • 50-75% of eligible full time employees must enroll.
  • You must also submit your most recent UCT-6 and copies of your articles of incorporation along with the enrollment forms.

In order to generate your small group health insurance quotes we will need an employee census. Because there are so many options we will also need to speak with you to get an idea of what type of plan you are looking for before we can email you your group health insurance quotes. Please feel free to call us anytime.
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