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Golden Rule was acquired by United Healthcare back in 2003. The individual health plans are now marketed and sold under the new brand UnitedHealthOne. The way I understand it is as follows: The UnitedHealthOne products are regulated by the insurance laws in Illinois. They are marketed in other states through an association called FACT. Golden Rule Insurance company underwrites the UnitedHealthOne products.

United Healthcare has an excellent reputation and offer a number of insurance products in the Medicare, Large Group, Small Group, Family,and Individual health insurance markets. Over 55 million people are covered by a United Healthcare product.

Insurance regulations prevent me from writing about specific benefits. Fortunately benefit summaries are easy to get. What I can write about is some of the interesting features of their plans.

  1. They have a huge nationwide network that has over 730,000 doctors and over 5,000 hospitals. Their size also helps them negotiate better discounts which saves you money in the long run. One of my clients recently had a pacemaker put in...The hospitals prices was $147,000...United Healthcare's negotiated / discounted rate was $64,000...that's huge discount.
  2. Of course UnitedHealthOne plans conform with PPACA (healthcare reform laws) and preventative care services are covered with no cost sharing. Lifetime limits have also been lifted as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  3. FACT, the association you have to join to get the insurance, offers good discounts on a wide variety of things.
  4. Untied HealthOne recently came out with a new "Deductible Credit" benefit. You'll have to refer to the benefit summary for specific details, but basically if you don't meet your deductible the lower your deductible the following year. I would rather they lower premiums but I guess it's better than nothing. Hopefully the lower deductible will help you accept the higher premium.

Copay plans are great for those looking for predictable cost. Fixed copays for office visits and prescription drugs. Health Savings accounts are best for those looking to have control over how they spend their health care dollars. Trading off a higher deductible for a significantly lower premium. HSA's - health savings accounts continue to have the same great network discounts and have additional tax advantages. For the absolute lowest premiums United healthcare offers plans with really high, up to 10,000, individual deductibles. Benefit summaries detailing coverage for each of their plans are available as part of the instant health insurance quotes above.

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