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Humana One insurance plans are designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals, families, children, the self employed, and for people in between jobs looking for a COBRA alternative. Humanaone has one of the fastest application processing times, competitive rates, and a variety of plans with varying levels of coverage to meet your specific needs. Humana One also offers condition specific deductibles, simply put it is an additional deductible that is applied to a pre-existing condition. Since pre-existing condition exclusions will remain until 2014 this may appeal to some of you who have been unable to get insurance coverage. If you have had major medical coverage with in the last 63 days then Humana health insurance will allow you to start your Humana health plan as early as your application date. If not you will have only 2 start dates to choose.

Humana One Copay 70% Plan

This offers coverage in and out of network with annual deductibles of $1,500 (individual) to $30,000 (family). This plan also offers a copay for doctor, specialist, an urgent care visits. There is a limit to the number of copay visits. Once you reach this limit these visits will be subject to your deductible and co-insurance, so be sure to ready the benefit summary carefully. HumanaOne benefit summaries are included with the quotes or upon request.

Humana One Enhanced Copay 80% Plan

This plan offers a benefit rich package with individual annual deductibles as low as $500 up to $5,000. Copays for Doctor, Specialist, and Urgent Care visits...unlimited number of visits (non "Enhanced" plans have limits on the number of visits available with a copay. These plans also have 80/20 coinsurance once the deductible is met.

Humana One Copay 80% Plan

This plan is just like the HumanaOne Enhanced Copay 80% plan except it limits your copays for doctors, specialists, and urgent care facilities to just 6 per year. There are only 2 calendar year deductibles available and both are pretty high, $3,500 and $5,000. The bright side is that rates for these plans are very competitive.

Humana One Value 100%

This plan is a bare bones plan with high deductibles but no co-insurance. This means that once you meet your deductible the Humana health plan will cover 100% of your covered medical expenses. The high deductible results in a lower premium yet still allows you to limit your overall risk. The only frill on this plan is the prescription drug copay plan it offers.

HumanaOne Enhanced HSA 100% Plan

HumanaOne HSA 100% Plan

Humana offers 2 HSA eligible high deductible health plans that are almost the same. The enhanced version provides slightly richer benefits and prescription drug coverage. There may be some other differences so be sure to compare the benefit summaries.

All the HumanaOne plans give you the option of adding "Extra Benefits" to your plan.

  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Accident Insurance
  • Deductible Credit Carryover

Those insured by Humana coverage have access to Humana's vast provider networks, contracted rates and some great online tools to help you manage your heatlhcare.

  • The Health Plan Wizard will help you evaluate trade offs between different expenses like copayments, and premiums. Just answer a few questions and get side by side comparisons, and help finding a plan that fits your needs.
  • PlanProfessorsm, receive a variety of newsletters, Web content and direct mail pieces to help you educate your employees and to help them become active in the decision making process.
  • MyHumana is a secure homepage that allows to put all your health information and monitor transactions in one place.
  • Maximize Your Benefit gives you big saves on pharmacy purchases. Humana sends you letters, emails, ans occaisional phone calls to let you know about potential savings on your prescriptions.
  • Rx Calculator — a web-based tool to help you estimate your pharmacy costs and create a plan and budget to help manage your medical needs.