Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida BCBS Fl. Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is the largest heath insurer in Florida. BCBS of Florida health plans cover over 6,000,000 residents of Florida with a variety of affordable Florida health insurance plans with varying levels of coverage. We are fortunate to have a number of health insurance options in Florida. Blue Cross Blue Shield‘s rates for Florida health Insurance are among the most competitive in most parts of the State. I particularly like their Health Savings Accounts and low cost Hospital Surgical plans.

I can’t really write about any of the benefits they offer without violating state laws. The best thing to do is to review the benefit summaries for the plans you are interested. The best and fastest way to get this information is to just call us. All we need is some basic information to generate your quotes and send you specific plan information.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida offers health plans to individual, families, the self- employed, small groups and large groups. It is important to note not all plans are available in all segments.

Many people think that Blue Cross Blue Shield is one really big company. Well, it is actually an “Association” that licenses it’s name in each state. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is a completely different entity, company than Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, or any any other BCBS licensee. All together there are over 98 million people, nationwide, covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield policies

BlueOptions health plans are the the latest family of plans to be offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. These plans have been grouped into several categories:

  • Lower Premium Plans – solid coverage with higher out of pocket limits to reduce the premiums.
  • Predictable Cost Health Plans – medical coverage with copayments, deductibles and coinsurance.
  • Health Savings Accounts – HSA Compatible Plans – still my favorite with solid health coverage and limited out of pocket risk. Also has some great tax benefits.
  • Temporary / Short Term Plans – not sure what you want or need? These are a great choice if your waiting for a new plan to start or if you just want some time to think.
  • Miami Dade Blue – great plan…very affordable…but it’s only good if you live in Miami.
  • GoBlue – I recommend this plan to people who have pre-existing conditions and are unable to enroll in the governments Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan at

I have always felt that health savings accounts were the best option for most people. However, due to recent changes in this nations health care laws I find myself recommending Lower Premium Plans and high deductible Predictable Cost Plans more often. The reasoning is really quite simple. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – PPACA now requires that the insurance companies cover AND pay for a number of services with no cost sharing. These plans also have copays so basic medical care is accessible and affordable. Finally, The higher deductible drastically reduces your premiums.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is a good, solid company, with a variety of affordable Florida health insurance plans. Their underwriting is pretty strict but no quest for health insurance would be complete with out a rate quite and a pre-screen from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.