Preferred Medical Plan

Preferred Medical Plan, Inc., (PMP) has a variety of affordable family and individual health insurance plans that will help you keep your family safe. Preferred Medical Plans will cover most of your medical needs like doctor visits, routine and preventative care, hospitalization expenses, prescription medications, and more. Be sure to review the benefit summaries carefully and ask questions.

Preferred Medical Plan's health plans have been designed to fit the varying needs of the consumer. PMP has plans for individuals, families, the self employed, and small employer groups.

PMP's health plans offer access to medical centers and private doctors through out Miami. You can be sure that you will have healthcare coverage you need when you need it. PMP is a fully accredited by the AAAHC.

Preferred Medical Plan has introduced a variety of very competitive health insurance plans. Request a benefit summary and compare the plan benefits with your current healthcare plan. If you have questions...Ask.

I've worked with Preferred Medical Plan for many years and I have NOT received any complaints from any clients that I have signed up. I do get a lot of complaints from people that subscribed somewhere else. It's probably because they weren't told / taught / informed on the best way to use the plan and the proper procedures. It simply about doing things the way Preferred wants you to do them. They offer good benefits, low copays, RX coverage, and long you stay in network. The network is how the insurance companies control their costs, and ultimately your premiums.