Health Insurance in Texas

Finding a Texas health insurance plan is easy if you know what your looking for. I’m going to help you figure out what you are looking for and get individual health insurance rates in Texas right here are no charge. All the major health insurance companies are represented so you can compare instant health insurance quotes from Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Cigna, United Healthcare and more.

Since all credible coverage health insurance offered in Texas is required by law to register their plans and rates with the Texas Department of Insurance for approval, you are guaranteed to find the lowest rate. No matter where you shop for your plan online, local agent or even directly with a particular health insurance company you will always be quoted the same price for the same plan.

Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 463-6169

The rates are determined by your age, gender and where you live in Texas (San Antonio, Arlington, Austin, Lubbock, Dallas, Amarillo, Fort Worth or Odessa). A companies competitiveness in a particular area varies and it is a good idea to make sure you look at all your options before you make a final decision. It can get a bit hairy at times due to the abundance of plan choices available from each company. I would certainly recommend that you align yourself with an experienced and trustworthy independent agent that can discuss the differences in the plans your interested in with out bias. It will save you a lot of time, money and frustration . For the meantime, here are a few tips to get you started evaluating the health insurance plans available for Texas:

Do you know about the health insurance terms like deductible and coinsurance? Get to know some of the basics in the Texas health insurance plan terminology. Here is a great resource directly from the Texas Department of Insurance.

What is your budget?

Of course, everyone says they want the lowest out of pocket for the least amount of money. Come on!! In this day an age, that plan doesn’t exist unless you qualify financially for Medicaid. If so here is a good place to start Otherwise, carefully review your finances and do not over purchase by picking a low deductible with a low out of pocket maximum. Buying Texas health insurance is all about managing your risk for that “what if” scenario. So instead of looking for the lowest out of pocket try stretching your out of pocket maximum to a higher level but keep it comfortable. This will keep your premiums manageable. After all, every dollar you save in premiums goes right back in your pocket.

Look for the “catch”

Insurance companies do their homework and spend a lot of time, effort and money in creating and developing their products to fit their target market. You may see advertisements offering products at a price you can’t believe. Well, you know the saying,”if it is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true”. If you see a low deductible with a low premium, you better look closely at the benefit summary and find out exactly why it is so cheap. Texas health insurance can be expensive but not as expensive as what it could cost you for that nightmare situation. Just be sure you are aware of what is not covered before you buy.

Call an independent agent before you pull the trigger

All the Texas insurance companies put their best price forward. Of course, wouldn’t you. The truth is that some companies will have different classifications based on your health, tobacco usage, prior insurance coverage or some even have extra fees for sending you an invoice by mail. By talking to an agent that represents more than just one company you can cut through all variables that can make a difference in how much you will pay in the end.

Allow yourself some time

When it comes to processing applications, some companies are lightning fast with a response the next day but others can take 3-5 weeks. The ones that take a long time will typically have a complicated medical history which requires medical records to be ordered with authorizations going back and forth. So don’t wait until the night before you want your coverage to begin. You may have some sleepless nights knowing the inconceivable amount of risk you have with out health insurance in Texas.