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Resolving Inconsistencies in your Application

Once you have completed your application for an Obamacare subsidy at the Marketplace; an Eligibility Report is generated. This report will inform you of any inconsistencies in your application and provide you with clear instructions on what to submit and how. The Health Insurance Marketplace will typically contact you through mail, email and/or phone. Under these circumstances, you will be required to provide copies of specific documents to verify that your information is accurate. Be careful of inbound calls, make sure you know who you are talking to before you give them personally identifiable information.

Certifying immigration status and/or verifying income are critical parts of the actual process. In order to resolve this you will need to either mail in the requested documents or upload them electronically. It is essential that you submit the necessary documents in order to ensure that you stay covered through the Marketplace and subsequently ensure your premiums and cost-sharing. The Marketplace will then typically contact you once they have completed the review letting you know that the inconsistencies have been resolved. This process can be complicated and certainly can be made easier should you seek the support of your agent. Upon completing the application with the guidance of your agent; he/she will be able to help you identify the documents required and can subsequently submit them on your behalf.

It cannot be emphasized enough that there is a deadline for submitting completed applications and failure to do so will inevitably lead to cancellation.